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Malay Cuisine - Rich Flavours And Authentic Taste!


Treat your guests with all time favourite local food for coporate events, personal functions as well as festive celebrations.


Select from our savoury Malay Catering menus:

Malay Buffet Menu A -

Fragrant yellow rice with a delicious spread of flavourful sambal prawn, tender stewed rendang chicken, turmeric fish fillet and traditional Malay kuih.

Malay Buffet Menu B -

Fragrant yellow rice accompanited with tender stewed mutton rendang, steam fish fillet, ayam masak merah, sayur lodeh and Malay kueh.

Malay Buffet Menu C -

Fragrant briyani rice accompanied with spicy sambal prawn, tender stewed mutton rendang, ayam masak merah and traditional Malay kuih.



Cuisine Buffet Catering Menus:

International Food

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Local Food Catering Menus: 

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