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Japanese Cuisine - Experience Exquisite Food And Curlinary Fusion!

Japanese cuisine is nutritionally well-balanced and healthy. And has in recent years become much more familiar and appreciated around the world.

Traditional Japanese cuisine is based on rice, fish and vegetables. Shoyu, made from fermented soy sauce, is commonly used to enhance the taste of fish. Typical Japanese meal is usually accompanied with Miso Soup, made from dissolving fermented soybean paste in dashi, Japanese stock.

Japanese Sushi is a small ball of vinegared cooked rice, topped with seafood and vegetables. The common ingrediants are squid (ika), prawn (ebi), cucumber (kappa), pickled radish (shinko) and sweet egg omelet (tomago).


Japanese Cuisine
Buffet Menu

Price: $19.80
Minimum Order: 30 Pax



Cha Soba Noodle
and Enokil Mushroom
Served with Sweet Shoyu


Main Dishes

Japanese Steamed Rice

Ebi Tempura
(Tempura Prawn)
Served with Premium Soy Dip Sauce

Salmon Teriyaki
Served with Sweet Teriyaki Sauce
Topped with Toasted Sesame

 Yakitori Chicken
(Grilled Yakitori Chicken on Skewer)

Sauteed Broccoli
Topped with Almond Flakes



(Traditional Miso Soup)
Served with Tofu & Seaweed



Green Tea Panna Cotta



Fruit Punch



shrimp tempura

yakitori chicken

miso soup

green tea panna cotta



Impress Your Guests with Japanese Sushi & Maki Platter!

 X'mas Sushi & Maki Platter.

Selection of Premium Sushi & Maki

Mini California Maki (10pc), Kappa Maki (6pc), Tamago Maki (6pc),
Shinko Maki (6pc), Kanikama Maki (6pc), Tuna Salad Maki (6pc), Tamagp Sushi (4pc), Kani Fumi Sushi (4pc),
Unagi Sushi (4pc), Tako Sushi (4pc), Smoked Duck Sushi (4pc)
Served with Wasbi & Sweet Shoyu Dip Sauce

Price: $65 / Tray (60 pieces per tray)
Min. Order: 2 Trays


Delivery Package Includes:

  1. Full buffet table setup with food warmer, tables, table clothing & table skirting.
  2. Disposable cutleries, crockeries and serviettes.

Inform our catering consultant if you have other special requirements.


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