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Festive Catering

Best Catering Services for All Your Festive Occasions

Festive season comes alive with a well-planned party, great company and ambrosial food. A warm feeling of togetherness is enjoyed with friends, family and even colleagues.

To make each festive holiday a memorable celebration, we provide the best dining experience with delicious food, variety of cuisines and the freshest ingredients. From private party to corporate festive function, let us perfect your event with reliable, timely and professional catering services.

We serve magnificent luncheon buffets as well as dinners for festive events like Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Pausa and the month of Ramadan. Order a festive catering with us and enjoy a fantastic buffet with your guests!

Indulge In a Variety of Seasonal Flavours with Our Festive Menus

Christmas Catering -

Festive Gourmet for Christmas Parties.

 Joyful X'mas Buffet Menu A

 Joyful X'mas Buffet Menu B

 Christmas Party Set


Year End Party Catering  -

Fabulous Food for New Year Celebrations.

Western Buffet Menu A

Western Buffet Menu B

International Buffet Menu


Chinese New Year Catering -

Prosperity Spread for Lunar New Year Reunion.

 CNY Bountiful Harvest Buffet

 CNY Bountiful Fortune Buffet


Ramadan Catering


Nutritious Meal for Iftar Dinners.

 Ramadan Buffet Catering

 Malay Buffet Catering Menu A

 Malay Buffet Catering Menu B

 Briyani Buffet Catering


Hari Raya Catering -

Authentic Delicacies for Hari Raya Open House.

 Hari Raya Catering Menu A

 Hari Raya Catering Menu B

 Malay Buffet Catering Menu A

 Malay Buffet Catering Menu B