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Dim Sum Classic


Treat your guests to a delectable dim sum buffet, served as breakfast, light brunch or afternoon tea.


Hong Kong Dim Sum

Price: $13.90
Minimum Order: 35 Pax


 Heartwarming Meal

Hong Kong Egg Noodle


Dim Sum Steamed Basket

Shao Mai
(Chicken Dumplings)

Har Kow
(Prawn Dumplings)

Rice Noodle Roll
(Cheong Fun)


Dim Sum Snacks

Char Siew Sou

Fried Radish Cake
(Lo Bak Go)

 Pan-Fried Gou Tie
(Pot Stickers)


Hot Beverages

Gourmet Coffee
(with Sugar & Creamer)

English Tea
(with Sugar & Creamer)



Steamed Har Kow.

Steamed Shao Mai.

char siew sou

Pan Fried Carrot Cake.


Full buffet setup, food deliver in food warmer. Table, table clothing and skiring will be provided.

Disposable cutleries, crockeries and serviettes included .


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Hong Kong Dim Sum Buffet

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