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Chinese New Year Buffet Catering Menu

An Auspicious Spread With Symbols of Wealth and Good Fortune.

Indulge in these sumptuous delicacies and usher in a year of prosperity

Add a Fatt Choy Yu Sheng to toss to a year of Abundant Wealth and Longevity.

*Additional surcharge $6/pax applicable from 27th to 30th Jan 2017.


Bountiful Harvest

Price: $20.90/pax*
Minimum Order: 30 Pax


Prosperity Treasure

Money Bag Dumpling


Blissful Main Course

Braised Longevity Ee Fu Noodles
with Fresh Mushrooms

Pineapple Fried Rice
Topped with Chicken Floss & Cashew Nuts

Succulent Buttered Prawn
With Fresh Curry Leaf

Pan Fried Fish Fillet
With Ginger & Spring Onion

Honey Glazed Chicken
Topped with Toasted Sesame

Braised Tofu
With Enokitake Mushroom

Seasonal Vegetables
With Bailing Mushroom


Sweet Indulgence

Snowy Almond Beancurd
With Tropical Longan



Fruit Punch



money bag dumpling

braised longevity ee fu noodles

Wok Fried Butter Prawn With Curry Leaf.

spring onion fish

bailing mushroom vegetables




Bountiful Fortune

Price: $32.80/pax*
Minimum Order: 30 Pax


Prosperity Yu Sheng
(Premium Abalone Slice
on Mountain Pile of Auspicious Ingredients
and Homemade Sweet Plum Sauce)


Abalone Pen Cai
(Treasure Pot of Premium Abalone
& Auspicious Ingredients.
Served with Chef's Superior Broth)


Imperial Double Boiled Fish Maw Soup
Slow-Cooked Superior Broth
With Premium Ingredients


Blissful Main Course 

Steamed Rice
Wrapped in Fragrant Lotus Leaf

Salmon Fillet

Chili Crayfish

Hainanese Style
Salt Baked Chicken

Sambal Squid

Seasonal Vegetables
With Mushroom

Money Bag Dumpling


Sweet Indulgence

Mixed Fruit Cocktail



Orange Squash



abalone yusheng

abalone pan cai

BBQ Salmon Fish Fillet With Chef's Herb Recipe.

chili crayfish

money bag dumpling



Rise To A Good Year of
Fortune, Abundant Wealth & Longevity
With Our Prosperity Toss Platter!

Fatt Choy Ocean Gem
Yu Sheng Platter

Premium Abalone Slices,
shredded vegetables, sweet pickles, golden pillow crackers, chopped peanuts & toasted sesame seeds.

Serve with
Appetizing Plum Sauce

Price: $58 / Set
(Serve Approximately 10 Pax)

abalone yusheng


Prosperity Gold Rush
Abalone Pen Cai

Treaure Pot of Premium Abalone
& auspicious Ingredients

Serve with
Chef's Superior Broth

Price: $208 / Set
(Serve Approximately 10 Pax)

abalone pan cai



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Chinese New Year Buffet
& Yu Sheng Platter

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