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Chinese Catering - Experience the Diversity of Oriental Cuisine!

Chinese cuisine places a lot of emphasis on cooking techniques such as steaming, braising, stir-frying, roasting and boiling. It is this combination of cooking styles that offers you a rich aroma, flavor and color that accompanied each signature dish.

Fried rice - steamed white rice cooked to the right consistency, tossed in with chicken floss, fresh shrimps, scallions, peas and eggs served as a staple for the buffet.

Do not miss the succulent Chinese beef steak - cooked to medium-well together with caramelized onions, then topped up generously with rich and thick gravy that is both sweet and tangy.

The Black-Pepper Prawn is specially prepared to retain its freshness, yet not overpowered by the hot peppery flavor.

Chinese buffet catering features the various cooking styles of Chinese ethnic groups.


Be spoiled with choices for sumptuous Chinese catering menu:

Chinese Buffet Menu A

Appetizing Salad You Tiao, crispy Prawn Fritter, flavourful Sambal Fish Fillet and local dishes plus our famous Seafood Fried Rice.

Chinese Buffet Menu B -

Asian savory filled with Dim Sum platter, fragrant Black Pepper Prawn, flavorful Prawn Paste Chicken and our popular Yang Chow Fried Rice.

Chinese Buffet Menu C

Make it a sensational event for your guests with our Signature Prawn Har Lok, appetizing Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet and nutritious beancurd.

Chinese Buffet Menu D -

Treat your guest with luxurious Seafood feast, crispy Oat Prawn, aromatic Black Pepper Chicken, Signature Sambal Fried Rice and nourishing Seaweed Seafood Soup.


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