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Fine Cuisine and Authentic Taste of Cultural Food!


Be Spoilt for Choice with a Wide Variety of International food and Local Delicacy:

International Cuisine Buffet - International fare of sumptuous buffet, mesclun green salad, cream of asparagus, crispy cereal prawn, grilled yakitori on skewer and classic bread & butter pudding.
See full menu for international buffet.
Asian Cuisine Buffet - Delicious buffet of local & Asian delicacies, sambal prawn, rendang chicken & tohu goreng. See full menu for Asian buffet.
Western Cuisine Buffet -

Western buffet catering featuring a sumptuous spread of cold cut meat platter, cheese baked prawn, mango salsa fish fillet, chicken cutlet, buttered cauliflower and Italian spaghetti. Choice of Western buffet menu A and Western buffet menu B

Thai Cuisine Buffet -

Thai delicacy, flavorful Pandan Leaf Chicken, Sugarcane Prawn, Thai Chili Fish Fillet, Thai Fish Cake, Pineapple Fried Rice and Mango Glutinous Rice plus must-have Tom Yam Soup!
Choice of Thai buffet menu A and Thai buffet menu B.

Japanese Cuisine Buffet


Experience culture rich Japanese Fare, Tempura prawn, Teriyaki Salmon, Yakitori on Skewer, traditional Miso Soup and Green Tea Panna Cotta. See full menu for Japanese buffet.

Chinese Cuisine Buffet


Experience the diversity of Chinese cuisine, from local favorites to traditional specialties. Choice of Chinese buffet menu A, Chinese buffet menu B, Chinese buffet menu C and Chinese buffet menu D.

Nasi Lemak Buffet -

Fragrant Coconut Rice, must-have Ikan Bilis, crispy Fried Chicken Wing and traditional Malay delicacies. Choice of Nasi Lemak buffet menu A and Nasi Lemak buffet menu B.

Malay Cuisine Buffet


Choice of Yellow Rice or Mee Goreng with a spread of authentic Malay Dishes. Choice of Malay buffet menu A, Malay buffet menu B and Malay Buffet Menu C.

Indian Cuisine Buffet -

Impress your guests with our Signature Briyani Rice, Tender Mutton Masala, Spice-Marinated Chicken Drenched in Chef's Tomato Sauce.

Nasi Briyani Buffet -

Marinated chicken pieces and basmati rice slow-cooked with our chef's secret herbs recipe in a sealed pot.


Food are prepared with market fresh ingredients. Hence, it is recommended to place your reservations as soon as possible, at least 5 working days before the event date.

We deliver to Singapore islandwide including Jurong Island. For all venue such as company, home, school, hotel, community centre as well as outdoor events at chalet.

The buffet will be setup with food warmer, table, table skirting and centre piece.