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Executive Bento - Nutritious & Balanced Meal 


executive bento setBento delivery service provides a convenient solution for office events, such as lunch meeting, employee appreciation as well as sports event and family day.

Food is beautifully packed in segregated compartments and presented in an elegant disposable bento box.

Explore our selections of creative bento menus for lunch, dinner as well as morning brunch and afternoon snack.


Preview our menu of Cuisine-Inspired premium bento:

International Bento - Choice of mango salsa salmon or honey glazed chicken, accompanied with sugarcane prawn, crispy calamari ring, sauteed broccoli & buttered raisin rice.
Asian Bento - Choice of rendang chicken or Thai chili fish fillet, accompanied with sambal prawn, Thai fish cake, baby kailan & pineapple fried rice.
Western Bento - Choice of crispy chicken cutlet or pesto salmon fillet, accompanied with breaded prawn, buttered cauliflower, capsicum omelete & Italian spaghetti alio olio.
Japanese Bento - Choice of teriyaki salmon or teriyaki chicken, accompanied with tempura prawn, broccoli with baby carrot & Japanese steamed rice.

Chinese Bento (Deluxe Set)

- Choice of SiChuan gong bao chicken or sweet & sour fish, accompanied with butter prawn, fried spring roll, baby kailan & Xin Zhou bee hoon.
Chinese Bento (Supreme Set) - Choice of curry chicken or ginger & spring onion fish fillet, accompained with prawn har lok, braised tofu, dou meow & Yang Zhou fried rice.
Thai Bento -

Choice of Thai chili fish fillet or lemongrass chicken, sugarcane prawn, crispy tofu & Hong Kong kailan & Signature black olive fried rice.

Malay Bento - Choice of tender stewed rendang chicken or rendang mutton, accompanied with sambal prawn, tahu goreng (or masak merah tofu), sayur lodeh & fragrant yellow rice.
Vegetarian Bento (Deluxe Set) - Choice of sweet & sour mock chicken or sambal mock fish, accompanied with tahu goreng (or masak merah tofu), fried spring roll (or curry samosa), Hong Kong kailan with mushroom & Vegetarian fried rice.
Vegetarian Bento (Supreme Set) - choice of sweet & sour mock prawn or cereal mock prawn, accompanied with black bean mock chicken (or oyster sauce mock fish), braised tofu with snow pea, stir-fried dou meow & black olive fried rice.


Local Singapore Favorites deliver in disposable bento box:

Chicken Rice Bento - Signature Hainanese Chicken Rice. Choice of boiled (white) or roast (dark) chicken, accompanied with braised hong siew tofu & baby kailan with mushroom.
Nasi Lemak Bento (Deluxe Set) - Choice of fried chicken wing or tumeric fried chicken, accompanied with mackerel otah, ikan bilis, roast peanut, onion omelete (or sambal egg) & fragrant coconut rice. 
Nasi Lemak Bento (Supreme Set) - Choice of tender stewed rendang chicken or mutton, accompanied with sambal prawn, long bean, ikan bilis, roast peanut & fragrant coconut rice. 
Nasi Briyani Bento - Traditional dum-style Nasi Briyani cooked with authentic herbs & spice.
Laksa Bento -

Nyonya-style Laksa with savory ingredients & fragrantly spiced coconut-based gravy.

Mee Siam Bento - Fragrantly spiced mee siam goreng (dry), accompanied with fried chicken wing (or honey glazed chicken), sugarcane prawn, fried fish ball (or Thai fish cake) & sambal long bean.